San Jose Hockey Now Podcast #24: Should Sharks Trade or Keep Blackwood?

Should the San Jose Sharks trade or keep Mackenzie Blackwood? 

Keegan and Sheng debate.

Sheng thanks everybody for all their well wishes on the passing of his father-in-law. (2:00)

Keegan and Sheng then chat about what’s up with the San Jose Sharks.

The Sharks are playing better! Is this the team that Mike Grier envisioned? (4:30)

They waived Nikolai Knyzhov. Why? (14:35)

Logan Couture is still hurt. Sheng misses watching Couture play. (26:08)

Now, Blackwood trade speculation!

Why should the San Jose Sharks keep Blackwood? (29:45)

Is getting a first-rounder for Blackwood plausible? (36:20)

Why would Sheng consider a second-rounder for Blackwood? (44:15)

What if Blackwood’s play drops? (58:50)

Is Blackwood’s goaltending the best that the San Jose Sharks have seen in five years? 

Keegan and Sheng come to an agreement about trading Blackwood! (1:01:00)

Adin Hill revisionist history! (1:07:00)

Keegan has an interesting Blackwood comp. (1:11:00)

Next, Keegan answers some questions from his live view of the San Jose Sharks-Boston Bruins game. (1:14:40)

Just Dan (on Twitter) asked about impressions of Calen Addison? (1:16:00)

Lakshya Jain asked about how William Eklund’s game has changed over the last month? How’s his play along the boards? (1:23:25)

S Pon asked does Justin Bailey do enough to stay up with the San Jose Sharks? (1:31:09)

MattyD and Chris Lindsey asked about Fabian Zetterlund. (1:39:40)

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San Jose Hockey Now Podcast #24: Should Sharks Trade or Keep Blackwood?
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