San Jose Hockey Now Podcast #25: Luke Kunin Guest Stars!

Welcome to the San Jose Hockey Now Podcast!

We have a special guest, Luke Kunin who joins to talk the Sharks locker room and his foundation for Type 1 Diabetes (1:17:00).

But first, an introduction of the topics for the day (1:30), including Sharks are...good? (2:10)

We run through a few of the players who have stepped their game up the past few weeks, including Hertl (7:35), Granlund (16:45), Zetterlund (27:00) and William Eklund (29:45).

What if the Sharks don't finish as the worst team in the league? What's the benefit of playing this well for a rebuilding team? (36:00)

We touch on some of the rumors regarding Mario Ferraro, but plan to have a longer episode on this later in the year. (42:10)

Finally, we talk all about the preliminary World Junior Championship rosters for Team USA, Team Sweden, and Team Canada (54:00).

Sharks prospects Will Smith and Eric Pohlkamp made Team USA, Jake Furlong made Team Canada, and Filip Bystedt and Mattias Hävelid made Team Sweden.

Why the Quentin Musty snub for Team USA may make sense, even if Keegan is mad about it (56:00).

Lastly, Sheng's interview with Luke Kunin! (1:17:00)
First some birthday wishes for Luke. (1:17:05)

Sheng and Luke talk about his friendship with Matt Benning, how they do everything together including Halloween costumes and fantasy football. (1:17:35)

Speaking of fantasy football, we learn Luke/Matt's team name, talk playoffs and who's in the league (Hint: many former/current Sharks!) (1:18:45)

What is Luke's responsibility for SkeeYee, the former win song in the locker room? (1:20:50)

Sheng chats with Luke about his musical taste. (1:23:05)

For some Sharks talk, Luke has been heating up a bit more recently, scoring more, before an injury, what went into that? (1:23:35)

How does Luke handle criticism from fans and the media? (1:24:10)

Congrats to Sophia, Luke's wife, who just signed with the PWHL Minnesota! (1:25:20)

Are they the first NHL/PWHL couple? (1:25:44)

Lastly, Sheng talks with Luke about the Luke Kunin T1D fund and a former NHLer who helped him through his diagnosis as a kid. (1:26:45)

We also talk about his Luke Kunin LKT1D clothing collection, 50 percent of the proceeds going to his foundation.

Thanks for watching!

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San Jose Hockey Now Podcast #25: Luke Kunin Guest Stars!
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