San Jose Hockey Now Podcast #30: Chris Peters on Sharks Prospects Who Excite Him, Don't Excite Him

Chris Peters, NHL Draft and Prospects analyst and Senior Content Creator, @FloHockey, joins the San Jose Hockey Now podcast to recap the World Junior Championship and the play of the six Sharks prospects at the tournament. (1:14:31)

But before that, after a 12 game losing streak, we finally have a Sharks win to talk about! (01:32)

Throughout the win  against Montreal and a following three assist night against Ottawa, Ferraro has emerged as a leader, something Sheng has been saying for a few months now. (06:45)

Sheng and Keegan dive into the Chmelevski trade rumors that were shared by Kevin Weekes. What's a likely return for him? Can he be successful at the NHL level? (15:42)

We discuss Sharks' former first round pick Ozzy Wiesblatt and his meniscus surgery, and highlight some of his struggles in the AHL this year. (32:00)

Keegan is excited as Danil Gushchin is an AHL All-star! (37:20)

Finally before the Chris Peters interview, Sheng has some thoughts on the coaching job of David Quinn (41:30). What was expected of him this year, and is he the right coach for next year and beyond in this rebuild?

Now to the Chris Peters interview. (1:14:31)

We ask Chris about his thoughts on Team USA's gold medal. (1:16:20)

We get the deep dive on Will Smith, and how he turned his game around throughout the tournament. (1:17:20)

Should the Sharks sign Will Smith at the end of this year? (1:23:15)

How did Chris think Eric Pohlkamp performed, and what led to him being the odd man out in the medal rounds? (1:26:45)

Now onto Team Sweden and Jonathan Lekkerimäki's MVP. Sheng has some questions about how he won it over a few of the other candidates. (1:29:45)

Chris remarks on the less than impressive performance of Filip Bystedt. (1:32:00), and the so-so performance of Mattias Hävelid (1:34:30).

Chris answers Sheng's question of where would Filip Bystedt be ranked among the Swedish forwards from the 2022 draft? (1:36:30)

Moving onto Team Canada, Chris answers the question of Jake Furlong's pro potential after he surprised many and made Team Canada. (1:39:17

Finally, Team Finland's only Sharks representative, Kasper Halttunen. What needs to improve to transform Halttunen from a junior shooter to an NHL regular? (1:41:50)

Chris shares a few remarks on prospects that weren't at the WJC including Quentin Musty (1:47:30), Cam Lund (1:48:05), Magnus Chrona (1:48:30) and Daniil Gushchin (1:48:55).

Finally, we ask the question, is Macklin Celebrini the unanimous #1 overall for the 2024 Draft? (1:50:00)

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San Jose Hockey Now Podcast #30: Chris Peters on Sharks Prospects Who Excite Him, Don't Excite Him
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