San Jose Hockey Now Podcast #31: Corey Masisak on Hasso Plattner, Sharks' Rebuild

Corey Masisak joins the San Jose Hockey Now Podcast!

But before we get to Corey and talk about his incredible Hasso Plattner story (44:56), only on San Jose Hockey Now, we talk about the latest San Jose Sharks news!

Keegan and Sheng chatted about the Sharks’ week, including a feel-good victory over the Anaheim Ducks (2:10). Keegan is predicting no more double-digit losing streaks (12:55) for the rest of the season.

Sheng talks about Logan Couture coming back, and how close he was to breaking the news of Couture’s specific injury (14:30).

The San Jose Sharks are retiring Joe Thornton’s jersey next year (26:10)! We also debate if Brent Burns deserves the same treatment one day (27:40).

Finally, we share our thoughts about the Sharks’ new third jerseys (33:10). Keegan likes them, Sheng is not a fan! And we make fun of the Sharks’ Aloha shirt giveaways (39:25).

Now, Corey Masisak (44:56)!

Corey explains the genesis of his Hasso Plattner story (46:25). What did Corey learn about the San Jose Sharks owner when he was in Germany?

Hasso has a love for Russian wingers (53:10)? We also talk about Plattner’s attitude toward SAP Center (56:05) and how long the Sharks might be there.

Does Corey think this 2023-24 San Jose Sharks squad is the worst of the cap era (58:00)? What phrase does Corey remember most from his time in San Jose (1:00:00)?

How did incoming GM Mike Grier “convince” Plattner to maybe embrace more of a rebuild philosophy?

We revisit the Tomas Hertl extension (1:05:00).

What is Corey’s confidence level in Mike Grier and David Quinn right now (1:08:40)? What did he think of the Erik Karlsson trade (1:13:00)?

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San Jose Hockey Now Podcast #31: Corey Masisak on Hasso Plattner, Sharks' Rebuild
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